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Re: Distributor in wrong, can't retard timing: 77B

To: Tom McLaughlin <>
Subject: Re: Distributor in wrong, can't retard timing: 77B
From: Art Pfenninger <>
Date: Mon, 3 May 1999 17:09:45 -0400 (EDT)
How is the Pirana fixed to the inner fender? The cover does not seem to
come off and there are no screws showing from behind. I finally gave up on
mine and pulled the distributor instead (I was pulling the engine out and
had to seperate the two).

On Mon, 3 May 1999, Tom McLaughlin wrote:

> Listers,
> After replacing the electronic ignition in my car, from Pirana to
> Pertronix, the coil, plug wires, disti cap, rotor, and plugs, my car
> was back to running pretty good.  The Pirana unit was the culprit. 
> However, the car was unusually hard to start.  I figured that I messed
> up the timing when I put the disti back in and it was too far advanced.
>  So, I went and bought a timing light this weekend and told myself that
> Saturday was the day I learned about timing.  WOW! THE TIMING WAS WAY
> WAY ADVANCED.  I did pull the vacuum line and plug it and then set the
> timing too about 20 degrees TDC.  Here's the problem:
> I couldn't retart the timing any furthur because I had to turn the
> disti as far as it would go to the left to get it to this point.  I'm
> assuming I just made another rookie mistake when putting the disti back
> in.  I thought I was careful about this, but obviously not.  
> I know I need to pull the disti out again, but could someone give me
> some advice as to what I did wrong and how to correct this problem??? 
> I believe the disti should be about straight when the timing is right. 
> By the way, the car now runs better than it ever has.  It doesn't ping,
> idles better, more pull, sounds great. I will continue to make these
> mistakes, but this weekend was a great experienece for me.  Saw an MGA
> at a gas station...his first words to me were, "I just put in a
> thing I ever did."  Thought I'd throw that in, and I saw
> an early B driving around in the same day......great weekend.
> Tom "the rookie"
> 77B

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