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Re: She won't start....

Subject: Re: She won't start....
From: Tom McLaughlin <>
Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 11:43:27 -0700 (PDT)
--- wrote:
> Gentlemen of the list,
> My 77 Mgb wont start. Two days ago it did. Now it
> doesnt. Starter turns, engine 
> turns, but it wont catch.
> I had no spark. I found the loose connection, fixed.
> Now, I cant find a reason. 
> Suggestions? Ideas?

Well, I've had my car for 3 years and finally there are people on the
list having the same problems as me, but after I've fixed'm not an expert, but I'll give a shot to helping
troubleshoot this and let others correct my methods.  This exact thing
happened too me about 2 months ago and the list helped me fix it
(thanks Erik et al)

First off, what is this loose connection you speak of and are you sure
you put it back correctly as that sounds like the most likely culprit. 
If not, turn the ignition to the "on" position, get out your multimeter
and see if you have voltage at your coil.  If not, there's an open in
the circuit that supplies voltage to the coil.  If this is not the
problem, take the dizzy cap off, inspect for cracks and such.  Inspect
the rotor for scoring.  I got a new dizzy cap and rotor at Parts
America for about 15 bucks.  I also got new plug wires and the king
wire from the coil to the dizzy.  All of these needed replacing anyway
and they are cheap.  I still had no spark.  I then replaced the coil. 
Still no spark.  I finally started to think my electronic ignition
module was shot.  It was a Pirana unit.  Some on the list suggested
reverting back to a points system, see if that worked and then I would
know is was the Pirana unit.  Well, I was pretty sure it was so after
consulting with the list I bought a Pertronix unit, installed it,
vroooooooooommmmmmm.  I know that just replacing parts is not the way
to troubleshoot, but in my situation, where the car needed the parts
anyway and they were cheap, what the hell.  Now I know the condition of
the parts and that they are hopefully installed correctly.

Hope this helps some.  I now have basically a new ignition system. 
Sure, I replaced too many parts, but what the hell, I had never
replaced them and they were not that expensive...accept the Pertronix.

Thanks to the list for teaching...I hope I can start to contribute so
the veterans can concentrate on the really really hard stuff.......... should I drop the driveshaft if I tow my car.........sorry,
had to throw that in.

77B (ignition working, dizzy dizzying, timing correct...and it's a
beautiful day)

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