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Re: She won't start....

Subject: Re: She won't start....
From: Harlan Jillson <>
Date: Thu, 06 May 1999 18:18:37 -0500
   The guys have all given you good advice on things to check of an electrical
nature.  Your last comment 'I smell gas' may be the clue to your problem.  I'm 
an expert on webers ( heck, I've never even worked on one), but for the 
ignition to
work you have to have a spark at the right time, and the proper amount of gas 
with air.  If you're smelling gas, and the car 'suddenly stopped starting', I 
you may have an overly rich mixture ( like real rich..).  Check for things like
stuck float valves and such if all else fails.  I wouldn't be the first time a 
wouldn't start because it was drowning.
Harlan. wrote:

> I have been operating the car just a few weeks, before that the car was idle. 
> drove it about 150 miles.
> THe last tune-up was 150 miles ago: new Plugs, new wires etc. I did not do it,
> but had it done at a garage.
> The car has been completely de-toxed (per J. Twist)
> The loose connection was at the coil. White-green stripe wires)
> It has a weber and I smell gas.
> I run premium gas and techtron addative in the last tankfull

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