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Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!

Subject: Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!
Date: Fri, 7 May 1999 04:14:44 GMT
>I don't quite understand the problem with the brakes being too "hard".

What I've generally understood this to mean is that the brakes take a lot
of effort without the expected travel in the pedal, and therefore, not the
expected stopping power. Is this right, or does "hard pedal" just mean a
lot of effort for the same amount of travel that one would get easily with
the servo working?  It seems to me that an obstruction in a line (which
might be why Ed suggests brake hoses, only guessing) or a piston sticking
in its cylinder could cause that (which might mean the m/c wasn't put back
together properly? Perhaps was worn beyond tolerance and wasn't recognized
as such?). It seems like any leaks in the system, other than the servo
itself, should have just the opposite effect, that is, a soft pedal. Just
trying to understand the terminology at work here, and figure out what to
do if it happens to me (as I will be undertaking similar work in the next
month or two).

78 B

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