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Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!

Subject: Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!
From: Carl Elliott <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 13:32:31 -0400
If you have a vacume booster, And your pedal is very hard the booster is bad.
That is if everything is installed correctly. Carl E. wrote:

> >I don't quite understand the problem with the brakes being too "hard".
> What I've generally understood this to mean is that the brakes take a lot
> of effort without the expected travel in the pedal, and therefore, not the
> expected stopping power. Is this right, or does "hard pedal" just mean a
> lot of effort for the same amount of travel that one would get easily with
> the servo working?  It seems to me that an obstruction in a line (which
> might be why Ed suggests brake hoses, only guessing) or a piston sticking
> in its cylinder could cause that (which might mean the m/c wasn't put back
> together properly? Perhaps was worn beyond tolerance and wasn't recognized
> as such?). It seems like any leaks in the system, other than the servo
> itself, should have just the opposite effect, that is, a soft pedal. Just
> trying to understand the terminology at work here, and figure out what to
> do if it happens to me (as I will be undertaking similar work in the next
> month or two).
> Nevin
> 78 B

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