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Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!

To: Tom Boscarino <>, "" <>
Subject: Re: MGC Brakes!!!!!!!
From: Mike Razor <>
Date: Fri, 07 May 1999 16:55:47 -0400
I am not sure that the pedal is truly hard.  I gave up trying to bled and
turned it over to a professional garage and they said it had a hard pedal.
In review. I have had the servos and M/C rebuilt and now I am attempting to
have the brakes bled and brought to an operational standard, as a daily
Mike R

Tom Boscarino wrote:

> Don't know what you mean by the brakes are "real hard"? What parts were
> replaced besides the boosters and m/c?
> Bleeding the brakes is: 1. back left, 2. back right, 3. ftont right, 4.
> front left. Do this several times until all the air is purged. When this
> is done, it should take the "softness" out of the brakes and make them
> hard.
> Tom
> Mike Razor wrote:
> > Help!
> > I can't get the brakes right, the professionals (the garage
> > next door)
> > can't get the brakes right.  We have the repair manual and
> > the brakes are still real hard.  I have to assume they have
> > bled the brakes correctly and that the rebuild has been done
> > correctly as well.
> > Can someone  provide a tep-by-step  on how to bled the brakes?
> >
> > Starting with:
> > 1. Put new brake parts on.
> > 2. Insert brake fluid.
> > 3.  ..........
> > Also, what else is there to look at?  Boosters/servos redone,
> > M/C redone.
> > What little thing do we need to do to get them right?
> > The garage said when they bled the brakes they are still very
> > hard.
> > HELP!

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