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Re: tops...who's best

To: Dan Ray <>
Subject: Re: tops...who's best
From: Jurgen Hartwig <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 19:24:14 -0400

Dan Ray wrote:
> I can't vouch for the differences between the "big three" -- maybe the more
> experienced on the list can give your survey a whirl.
> I WILL tell you that I bought a top from Prestige Auto Trim at
> 1-800-659-2649 (others on the list have too) with which I'm quite pleased.
> It cost me $189 US including shipping for a zipper window vinyl top and got
> to me in less than a week here in Kentucky.

Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I also second the
recommendation for the Prestige auto trim convertible top.  My brother
has a Robbins top, and I must admit that the Prestige top seems to fit
better.  The material on the Robbins top is much better than the
Prestige top, but now that I know how to care for the top, that is more
of a moot point.  

Under $200 shipped.  I think I got the top and tonneau cover for $300

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