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Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 20:07:43 +0100
Carefully measure the amount of material between the two side gutters.  My
real cheapo hood is such that the gutters just fit over the top of the glass
both sides and the interior flap hangs down inside an inch or so.  At a
recent 5-day MG rally I couldn't help but notice the different fits when the
cars had their hoods up over night.  None fitted what I would call as good
as mine, and they were all of higher quality.  On some the gutter was so far
above the top of the glass that that the flap that should hang down inside
barely reached the top.


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Subject: tops...who's best

>Robbins, Tickford, and Crown all make convertable tops...
>I need opinions from the masses...
>irrespective of price and source...
>... make the best top?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... has the best quality ?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... windows last the longest before fogging over?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... best fit?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... best price for the quality?   R  T  C  (pick one).
>... best quality?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... which looks better ..cloth, vinyl?
>... which last longer?  ..cloth, vinyl?
>Paul Tegler

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