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Subject: Re: tops...who's best
From: "Dan Ray" <>
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 19:06:15 -0500
I can't vouch for the differences between the "big three" -- maybe the more
experienced on the list can give your survey a whirl.
I WILL tell you that I bought a top from Prestige Auto Trim at
1-800-659-2649 (others on the list have too) with which I'm quite pleased.
It cost me $189 US including shipping for a zipper window vinyl top and got
to me in less than a week here in Kentucky.
The fit is good and all of the Lift-the-Dot fasteners and stuff are
pre-installed. Basically you just have to glue the front flap to the header
bar and then fasten the trim strip (easier said than done, of course)
Cloth is twice the price, but I imagine it's a lot harder to clean than
vinyl, and I wouldn't DREAM of getting a light-colored cloth top! My windows
fogged up from being under a cover outside over the winter, but a some Blue
Magic plastic cleaner cleared them up nicely.
Just my $.02, YMMV, etc, of course.

73 B

>Robbins, Tickford, and Crown all make convertable tops...
>I need opinions from the masses...
>irrespective of price and source...
>... make the best top?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... has the best quality ?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... windows last the longest before fogging over?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... best fit?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... best price for the quality?   R  T  C  (pick one).
>... best quality?   R  T  C  (pick one)
>... which looks better ..cloth, vinyl?
>... which last longer?  ..cloth, vinyl?
>Paul Tegler

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