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Survey of MGB prices

Subject: Survey of MGB prices
Date: Mon, 10 May 1999 17:00:59 -0700
Regarding the thread about buying an MG, I'd like to
see what people on the list see MGBs selling for. Here
 in Los Angeles, pre-'67 convertibles sell quite easily for
up to about $6K if they're in nice (not show) condition.
 Prices have risen quite a bit in the last few years.
With most of these cars being exported to Europe,
there aren't many good cars coming up for sale
 anymore. It's impossible to buy a nice car cheap
 because there are too many dealers snatching them up.
Whenever I see what appears to be a good deal in the
ads (which come out on Thursdays), I know that it can't be as
good as it sounds if it's still available when I call up on the weekend.

By the way, not sure what post-67 and rubber-bumper cars go for.

I have a '67 B-GT. It's a nice car (original paint,
 never rusted, bought from original owner), but
 prices on the GTs are very low. $4K is
 probably tops for a nice MKI GT.

Los Angeles
'67 B-GT
88 supercharged MR2
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