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Re: NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)

To: "Douglas Russell" <>, "MG List" <>
Subject: Re: NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)
From: Larry Macy <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 14:01:06 -0400
>Unfortunately, the headline is not true (I slid off).  But here's the 
>latest ...
>#1.  Last Friday I had the chance to play hooky and immediately thought 
>that I'd go a day early to Carlisle.  Got up at 5am and after the two hour 
>drive I blanched at the 'Antique Show' lettering sitting on the sign that 
>should have read 'Import Car and Kit Show'.  When the lady asked me for 
>ten bucks to enter the "free parking" area I timidly asked where the 
>import car show was (I was still hoping), 'That's next week honey' is what 
>she said.   Needless to say, I feel like the biggest knucklehead on the 
>east coast.  However, being impervious to my own idiocy and a diehard , I 
>do plan on going - again - this weekend.  

>Hey, I thought this bad stuff was suppose to happen in three's.
>Dr. Doug
>Hey Larry, I took eighth place in the states in gymnastics when in HS.  
>Looking at me now, its hard to imagine that I was once a gymnast also.  I 
>specialized in the P bars and side horse and dabbled in floor x.  I figure 
>you for the high bar!
Rings, P Bars and vault. Never could get the hang of the high bar. I 
thought you was gonna call before going to Carlisle so we could cruise 
down on Sat AM. I knew what day it was and could have saved you the 
embarrassment ;-) 


Larry Macy
78 Midget

Keep your top down and your chin up

Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
System Administrator/Manager
Neuropsychiatry Section
Department of Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Spruce St. - 1015 Gates
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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