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Re: NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)

To: Douglas Russell <>,
Subject: Re: NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)
From: Nory P <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 06:05:08 -0700 (PDT)

Dr. Doug said:

>#1.  Last Friday I had the chance to 
>play hooky and immediately thought 
>that I'd go a day early to Carlisle.  
>Got up at 5am and after the two hour 
>drive I blanched at the 'Antique Show' >lettering
sitting on the sign that 
>should have read 'Import Car and Kit 
>Show'.  When the lady asked me for ten >bucks to
enter the "free parking" area >I timidly asked where
the import car 
>show was (I was still hoping), 'That's >next week
honey' is what she said.   
>Needless to say, I feel like the 
>biggest knucklehead on the east coast. 
Don't feel so bad.  It's been Mother's Day weekend for
years.  Even the calendar in last month's newsletter
from our local Brit car club said Carlisle was May 8. 
Got this month's newsletter the other day, and it
still shows Carlisle as May 8.  I'm guessing your not
the only one who showed up on the wrong weekend.  At
least you only drove 2 hours.  If any of our local
members did it, it was an 6-8 hour trip!   


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