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NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)

Subject: NEWS FLASH - Dr. Doug falls off barstool (Yes LBC content)
From: Douglas Russell <>
Date: Tue, 11 May 1999 12:16:26 -0400
Unfortunately, the headline is not true (I slid off).  But here's the latest ...

#1.  Last Friday I had the chance to play hooky and immediately thought that 
I'd go a day early to Carlisle.  Got up at 5am and after the two hour drive I 
blanched at the 'Antique Show' lettering sitting on the sign that should have 
read 'Import Car and Kit Show'.  When the lady asked me for ten bucks to enter 
the "free parking" area I timidly asked where the import car show was (I was 
still hoping), 'That's next week honey' is what she said.   Needless to say, I 
feel like the biggest knucklehead on the east coast.  However, being impervious 
to my own idiocy and a diehard , I do plan on going - again - this weekend.  

#2.  Last week I was driving my 77B around locally when I smelled the smell of 
smoke escaping from the wires.  What's worse, I started to see the smoke 
escaping.  Long story short - the voltage regulator (under the dash up against 
the fire wall) was fried.  Question is - is the voltage regulator the problem 
or just a symptom for something bigger?  I could use a dose of experience on 
this because it's the first time I've had this type of problem.  

#3.  Driving back from the office on Rt78 one night last week topless in the 
76B, the exhaust note started to sound louder and louder.  The short of it is 
that the exhaust pipe separated from the exhaust manifold right behind the cat 
converter.  The pipe seems to be in good shape, the flared end looks solid.  
But how did it slip out?  Is this a typical problem for the RB ZS setup??  I am 
basically wondering if the pipe is at fault  or is this an attachment point 
failure (e.g., donuts wear out = pipe falls out).  Anyone have any experience 
with this?

#4.  Took the 69C out of hibernation and changed the oil and filter.  My 
blacktop driveway has a big oil stain on it now because the canister (yes, all 
Cs use a cannister filter setup like the early Bs - however, unlike the early 
Bs, a spin on adapter is not available) seal did not seal.  If anyone knows the 
trick to making the seal work right the first time PLEASE let me know.  It 
always seems to take me a few tries and a few quarts to get it right.  Once I 
did get it sealed correctly, the cooling system reservoir sprung a leak right 
at the neck where the overflow hose attaches and pissed coolant all over the 
engine bay.  Looks like I will be needing a new reservoir - anyone going to 
Carlisle have one??

Hey, I thought this bad stuff was suppose to happen in three's.

Dr. Doug 

Hey Larry, I took eighth place in the states in gymnastics when in HS.  Looking 
at me now, its hard to imagine that I was once a gymnast also.  I specialized 
in the P bars and side horse and dabbled in floor x.  I figure you for the high 


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