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Re: Occasional missing in 73 B

Subject: Re: Occasional missing in 73 B
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 00:13:20 +0510
Karl wrote:
> On the way home, the car started to kind of miss.  Very 
> know the sounds in old WWII movies of
> airplane engines crapping out?  You get this (the spaces are 
> silence...)
> baaaaaaaahhhhhhhh    aaahhhh   aaaaaaahhhhhhhh   aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh


>From one who, for one so new to this craft, has hit some of the
strangest problems, here is one from left field to consider.

I was getting the same intermittent "deaths" which I found was caused by
a broken solder joint on the "low tension lead" where it joins to the
the terminal that slots into the side of the distributor.  Obviously a
dry solder joint shaken to pieces by vibration, just the right bump or
jar would make it lose contact for a moment - instant death but then
immediately back into action right from where it left off.

That moment actually got worse until it moved away from the joint

That was when my much lauded 12 volt soldering iron came to the rescue. 
A dab of solder and all was well.

Just another tip from the "stranger than fiction" annals of Eric's 'B -
who knows, it *could* happen to you!


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