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Windshild to body seal

Subject: Windshild to body seal
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 10:59:50 PDT
I have heard several times, on the list, that it is very dificult to install
the windshild to body seal. I started this morning to install the seal,
removed the old one, cleaned everything with lacquer thinner, made sure all
the gruves were clean and sprayed everthing with silicone spray. I started
the seal in the small notch on the left side and moved it in about a foot,
sprayed with silicone again. repeated this procedure several times until tde
seal was all the way in. took about fifteen minutes. The new didn't seem to
be as heavy as the  orignal. 

What is a good cleaner to use to brighten up the metal?
Does anyone have a suggestion


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