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RE: Weber DCOE Jet question

To: Joe Short <>
Subject: RE: Weber DCOE Jet question
From: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 11:36:10 -0700

        I have found that my B's like to have a large main and a big spread
to the air corrector.  Don't ask me why, it goes against what the books say.

        I run a 145 main and a 195-205 air corrector.

        This is on a long branch manifold on an earlier high comp engine,
your mileage may vary etc. etc. etc.

        135 is the smallest I have run, and 145 is the largest.  I then
choose an air corrector that gives me the best overall mixture.  This has
worked on short branch and long branch.  33-36 mm chokes.  I do run pretty
big pump jets, but I can't remember the numbers.  You need a big squirt
under acceleration to get rid of the siamese bog tendency.

Good luck.


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> Subject: Weber DCOE Jet question
> I have a second hand 45 DCOE on my '75 MGB. I have been 
> trying to find the best jetting for it but am getting more 
> and more confused. I have several different books on Weber carbs
> and the Burgess book on tuning the 'B series engine. But they all 
> differ when it comes to jetting these carbs for the MGB. The thing
> that has me most confused is the relationship between the air 
> corrector
> and the main jet. In some book the air corrector in numerically larger
> than the main jet for example, the air corrector may be 
> listed as a 180
> and the main jet as a 160. Other books are exactly the opposite.
> Anyone with any experience know which is correct ?

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