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RE: Weber DCOE Jet question

To: ch155 <>,
Subject: RE: Weber DCOE Jet question
From: Joe Short <>
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 08:46:09 -0400
Duh, I was just trying to get some understanding of the correct relationship 
between the air corrector and the main jet. Some things will remain very 
similar on engines in the same family even if thay are in different states of 
tune. Major design changes like cross flow head conversion will negate that 

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><< On the same topic has anyone tweeked the DCOE45 for an MGA and if so can
> you share the sizes you used.?
> Art >>
>Art,etal:  Of all folks, you should know that it depends on ALL the rest of
>the stuff
>done to motor - unless of course the motor is NOS with no miles or hours
>(and it still might not abide by the 'rules'),  'Nuff said.

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