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Re: Carlisle - Return

Subject: Re: Carlisle - Return
From: Dave Houser <>
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 20:53:58 +0000
Great seeing everybody out at Carlisle this year too!
Great success for me finding that NOS Amco center console for my 67 BGT
project including the cigarette lighter to boot!!
2 Happy Days with weather that was perfect. got home and Rita and I left
for our first Epicurian Road Rally with the 64 B. Drove all over the
Ashokan Dam area stopping along the way at 6 Check points for some
delicious food or dessert. Started with a great Brunch at the Depuy
Canal House in Highland Mills and ended there with a fantastic dinner.
Had to leave before the results were posted, but they plan another run
in the fall. Highly recommend it if you're in the area.
Dave Houser

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