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Re: Carlisle - Return

To: "Larry Macy" <>,
Subject: Re: Carlisle - Return
From: "Dan Dwelley" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:26:45 PDT
I did buy a chance to win one of them...only has the 289 though. Considering
it weighs +-2300 lbs...the 289 will do.
Beggars can't be choosers but I did give the guy a hard time about giving
away the smallest engine. I'd prefer the 427 or the 460. :o))

Dan Dwelley
77 Midget
Alexandria, Va.

On Mon, 17 May 1999 12:49:40 -0400, Larry Macy wrote:

> >I told caught up in the 427 Cobra...wanted to take it for a
> >but thy wouldn't let me...something to do with not having enough money
> >something... :o)
> >
> >I think I remember looking your car over. There were only a couple of
> >Midgets there. one was a yellow one. There was one with the bonnet open
> >I can't remember which one. I did look at a nice 76 BRG in the for sale
> > looked real nice. The guys wife asked me to buy it because
> >wanted to go home and her husband was making her stay with the car so he
> >could look around. She was practically pleading with me! :o) probably
> >could've gotten it for a steal...I can hear it now... " Honey I sold the
> >now I'm going home!" "How much?" "Two hundred" "WHAT!!!!!!"
> >
> >Larry...are you going to the Bowie, MD. show? If so, maybe the list
> >attending can meet.
> >
> >Dan Dwelley
> >77 Midget
> >Alexandria, Va.
> >On Mon, 17 May 1999 11:48:37 -0400, Larry Macy wrote:
> >
> Forgot to mention. On the way to Carlisle, we pulled into a BurgerKing 
> along the turnpike and there sat 3 Cobras. All "replicars". Then on the 
> way home on 81 one played tag with us for about 40 miles. Sounded great!!
> Larry
> Larry B. Macy, Ph.D.
> System Administrator/Manager
> Neuropsychiatry Section
> Department of Psychiatry
> University of Pennsylvania
> 3400 Spruce St. - 1015 Gates
> Philadelphia, PA 19104

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