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Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question

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Subject: Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question
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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 19:12:08 -0700
I had one on my 77 b when I bought it. this design had 2 arms which required
holes drilled in the inner fender wells and these sort of passed across the
back of the radiator in a sort of crossed X fashion. this supported the fax
in between.

I took it off, in fact I'll sell it to you, because the supports, and the
placement of the holes looked pretty important , the fax was in fact getting
lowered over time and rubbing against the cardboard shield underneath the
radiator. (verdict = hokey). the po installed it I didn't. it was a lot
quieter, and yes it cooled the engine just fine. the adjustible electric
control that determined at what temperature the fan turned on is quite nice,
I use that in place of the original gizmo. I have no idea if they are all
this hokey looking/mounting.

Ted Stowe
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Subject: Electric cooling fan conversion question

> Both of the electric cooling fans in my 79 B are shot. Replacement fan
> motors are about $90 each. I noticed in Victoria British a Cooling fan kit
> that uses a single 10" fan and costs $95. In the interest of saving some
> cash, is this a good idea? Will is cool as well as the stock dual fans (I
> live in a desert climate, so cooling is importiant.) How about mounting,
> it be mounted and not look like a hack job?
> Thanks,
> Jason

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