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Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question

Subject: Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question
From: "chief bootknocker" <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 07:42:00 -0700

I have this fan setup in my 77B and it works excellent.
Of course, I didn't pay VB $95, I went ot my local autoparts store that had the 
same one for $70!!

For the system to work well, you should flush your cooling system, get a new 80 
thermo switch and use all new wires to connect it.

I have had good results with my fan setup. The only thing I don't like is how 
it is attached - the plastic straps need to be pushed through the delicate fins 
of the radiator!! After that it is a breeze.

NOTE: When you are putting the fan on the radiator, ensure that the fan is all 
the wya to the top of the radiator. I put my fan on the radiator while it was 
out of the car (read: brand new radiator) and then when I went to put it in the 
car, the bottom of the fan was wedged between the radiator and the sway bar!!!
I had to take it back out and move it up to the top of the radiator by an inch!!

Good luck

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