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Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question

To: Jason <>
Subject: Re: Electric cooling fan conversion question
Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 23:12:38 -0400
Hi all,

>From my days of working on MG's for a living in '79 and '80, I remember these
fan motors being unreliable even new.  Since they're expensive, crummy, and
nothing special, there must be a much better replacement.  Has anyone gone
looking for a 12V motor to replace these?  Does anyone know of another make of
car that has a similar fan setup?

Just wondering.

Denise Thorpe

Jason wrote:
> Both of the electric cooling fans in my 79 B are shot. Replacement fan
> motors are about $90 each. I noticed in Victoria British a Cooling fan kit
> that uses a single 10" fan and costs $95. In the interest of saving some
> cash, is this a good idea? Will is cool as well as the stock dual fans (I
> live in a desert climate, so cooling is importiant.) How about mounting, can
> it be mounted and not look like a hack job?
> Thanks,
> Jason

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