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Re: Spare tire/ trunk space

To: Eric Erickson <>
Subject: Re: Spare tire/ trunk space
From: Carl French <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:21:18 -0400
Eric Erickson wrote:
> Bill Eastman wrote:
> >
> > It just breaks my heart to hear the B drivers complaining about the
> > lack of trunk space.
> >
> I was thinking of moulding/making a fibreglass, lift-out cooler that
> would fit on the shelf behind the seats of my 'B.  Fill it with ice and
> a load of cans to stop taking up space in the trunk (no space for a
> 'proper' sized cooler in the trunk).
> Problem 1:  I am not sure that the cops would like the 'accessibility'
> of this refreshment source (maybe a carpeted 'lid' on the cooler would
> do the trick.
  Keep them closed and you should be fine I think Nory would concur on

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