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Re: Spare tire/ trunk space-Reply

Subject: Re: Spare tire/ trunk space-Reply
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 18:46:19 +0000
Scotty wrote:
> On Monday, 17 May 1999 Eric wrote
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip<<<<<<<<<<<<
> >I am also thinking of, for long drives where luggage is necessary,
> >taking up the suggestion of bolting the spare tyre to the luggage >
> >rack on the trunk lid.
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>end of snip<<<<<<<<<<
> IMHO the wheel and tyre/tire weight is more than the Boot/Trunk lid
> can cope with, so you may end up with a modification to the shape of 
> the trunk lid you didn't want.. I have seen a spare tire/tyre mounted 
> on an 'A' frame over the back bumper, but it moves the C of G of the 
> car somewhat and the steering could feel lighter for sure. If this is 
> an option you'd like to investigate, Bazz would know who it was with 
> the 'A' frame.  I turn the spare wheel over and use the inside of the 
> wheel for packing space, for tools etc


Don't apologise for sending that to the list... hell, somepeople might
even take my advice and then where would we be!  The voice of reason is
always welcome!

Yep... see you on Sunday (it is Sunday, isn't it?:-).

I have got three potential "co-drivers"... the girls are queuing up to
be in it (as I am sure the boys would be if I were female <whew>).  Now
I gotta disappoint some of them.

The weather will be... FANTASTIC.  I think I should not wash my car to
ensure it, though :-)



PS Just gotta get the electrics tidied first... I will still beat you up
there :-)  Remember, though, this is NOT a race.

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