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Re: Spare tire/ trunk space

Subject: Re: Spare tire/ trunk space
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 23:29:21 +0000
Bill Eastman wrote:
> It just breaks my heart to hear the B drivers complaining about the 
> lack of trunk space.

I was thinking of moulding/making a fibreglass, lift-out cooler that
would fit on the shelf behind the seats of my 'B.  Fill it with ice and
a load of cans to stop taking up space in the trunk (no space for a
'proper' sized cooler in the trunk).

Problem 1:  I am not sure that the cops would like the 'accessibility'
of this refreshment source (maybe a carpeted 'lid' on the cooler would
do the trick.

Problem 2.  It would be a heavy job to lift out the cooler to get at the
battery if the cooler was full (but there is an obvious answer to this
one :-)

I am also thinking of, for long drives where luggage is necessary,
taking up the suggestion of bolting the spare tyre to the luggage rack
on the trunk lid.

Gotta maximise that minimal space.

(As for 'A owners... I have no sympathy for you at all - just jealousy!)


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