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DCO's and Suspension Woes (Hey, I'm a poet!)

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Subject: DCO's and Suspension Woes (Hey, I'm a poet!)
From: "Jason Dutt" <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 11:26:27 -0400
> I've done just about everything to the car myself from rebuilding the
> carburetor to replacing the top and installing a new dash and
> thought I was
> beyond stripping threads.

John, I couldn't relate more.  It amazes me sometimes how much I've really
done (successfully, mind you) myself on my car, and yet still manage to
screw up some of the dumbest, simplest things.  It's a great way of keeping
yourself humble.

Now, about that suspension... <g>

I did get a single response from this (thanks Denise), but just wanted to
post it again to see if there were any more thoughts before I attacked it.
My newly rebuilt suspension is sticky, especially in the front.  I can pull
up on the wheel well and it will stay up about an inch from it's original
position.  Same thing happens if I lift the car.  When I set it down, the
ride height is about an inch higher in the front than when I lifted it.
After I drive around the block, it settles back down.  I've checked with
several sources and the general concensus is that it should never stick like
that.  Any suggestions?


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