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RE: digest #1599 Tue May 18 02:05:01 MDT 1999

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Subject: RE: digest #1599 Tue May 18 02:05:01 MDT 1999
From: "Dennis Berman" <>
Date: Tue, 18 May 1999 10:36:00 -0400

One warm afternoon, I was changing the oil and filter.
Not paying too much attention, as its one of the easiest

After I finished, I started the car and immediately noticed
oil all over the garage floor. Seemed I stripped the oil filter
adapter (that little unit the oil filter screws onto).

I had to replace it. A new one cost me 50 bucks and
took me all of ten minutes to replace.

You may have a different problem, I hope you figure it
out soon.


Dennis Berman
(_o____o_)   Safety Fast

> From:
> >
> >Please help.  I have a '77 B and recently did an oil change and replaced
> the
> >filter.  Ever since, when the engine is turned on, oil pours out of the
> oil
> >filter head from under the filter.  When the engine is off, there is no
> leak
> >at all.  I replaced the filter again twice to see if the filter itself or
> the
> >way I screwed it on was the problem but it doesn't seem to be.  I have
> owned
> >the car for 17 years and have always done the oil changes on it every
> 3,000
> >miles.  Is there a way of troubleshooting this problem?  Any help is
> greatly
> >appreciated.
> >
> >Thank you,
> >
> >John
> >Dallas, TX
> >
> ************************

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