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Re: Group 26 battery

Subject: Re: Group 26 battery
From: David Councill <>
Date: Wed, 19 May 1999 22:33:24 -0600
A well timed query to the list. As I have recently run into battery
problems on my 67BGT restoration. 

I'm hoping to have the car make its first appearance at work and in
downtown Billings next Monday, just in time for British Car week. Since the
car hasn't been driven for seven years, I've had mostly electrical problems
getting it roadworthy.

I thought I had a power drain because the 26 battery went dead on me and
didn't hold a charge very long. So I put in two old 17hf 6 volt batteries
from my 71bgt (it now has new 17hf batteries). But had the same problem.

I started testing with my voltmeter (in leiu of the suggestion of another
lister to put a light in line). That is when I found that I only had 10
volts - 6 on one battery, four on the other. The 26 battery only had 9
volts. Well, both sets did go back to 1992 so it wasn't too unexpected.

I thought about replacing the one bad 6 volt battery. After all, the 67BGT
still had the cable that connects the two 6 volts in place, battery boxes
still had the rubber brackets. It just seemed natural to put evrything back
as it used to be and get it off the 12 volt battery conversion. 

But my local battery vendor says it will be two weeks to get a 17hf in
(they get shipments every two weeks). He sells them for $42. NAPA has them
in stock for $70. But even going with a 26 battery, I'm looking at $40-$70
depending on vendor. To get almost the same cranking amps the 6 volts gives
me, Sears wants $70.

I'm thinking of moving my 17HFs in the 71BGT to the 67 and then possibly
converting the 71 to the 12 volt 26 battery if it will fit in the plastic
battery bin (the 71 has advanced rust so the bin keeps the battery more

Will the 26 fit without too much of a squeeze in the plastic battery bin?
Any recoomendations on the best make of the 26 battery? Any regrets of
switching or am I still one of the few holdouts here? I am still hesitant
as you can see. But if persuaded to make the switch on one car, maybe I can
be converted and you won't have to hear me advocating the 6 volters on this
list anymore.

67 bgt
71 bgt

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