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Re: Carlisle

Subject: Re: Carlisle
Date: Thu, 20 May 1999 22:50:09 EDT
On Thu, 20 May 1999 13:12:15 -0400 Larry Macy
<> writes:
>Well all I know is it is red and a Fiero Kit Car 
>( At the bottom is a picture.  Ain't 
>way a Fiero Kit car is worth 24 grand!! May have to rethink the 
>of giving it to the kid for her car!!
I was just reading the value from the show programme which has lots of
pics and stories about how the car was built  - That 'aint no stock
But remember Larry - you said you wanted to win the Avanti when we were
looking at them - but you were standing next to the kit car at the time -
Its all in the vibes man.........

mike robson
69 roadster
70 BGT
53 Riley

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