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Re: Seatbelt recall

Subject: Re: Seatbelt recall
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 07:28:22 EDT
Hi Y'all!!!

I have actually gotten replies back concerning, and confirming, the seatbelt 
recall.  After calling Land Rover's US help desk numerous times over the past 
year, only to be told that yes, they owed me the belts, and no, they didn't 
know when I would receive them, they gave me an address to Rover in the UK

I recently received reply from Rover, indicating that "matters of this nature 
are now being handled by the Cross Country Group, based in the USA on behalf 
of Rover Group.  However, due to company changes, please expect some delay 
before parts are issued."  Rover forwarded my letter to the Cross Country 

After receiving this letter, I gave up and bought a set.

For anyone interested, phone numbers and addresses are:

Cynthia Hanlon
International HelpDesk Representative
Rover Group, Ltd.
After Sales Department
PO Box 29
Cowley, Oxford OX4 5NL  England
Telephone 01865-747747

Ms. R. Abramson
Cross Country Group
4040 Mystic Valley Parkway
Boston, MA 02155

Hope this helps.....or at least that a bunch of people on the list write lots 
of letters and drive them nuts!!!

Nels Ferré
79 MGB

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