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Re: seatbelt recall

Subject: Re: seatbelt recall
From: Art Pfenninger <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 11:45:57 -0400 (EDT)
On Sun, 23 May 1999 wrote:

> In a message dated 5/22/99 10:12:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> writes:
> << If the company was required to replace the seatbelts, then they should. 
>  Otherwise a simple cost benefit analysis would dictate every company send 
> unsafe 
>  items into the market, and only replace the smallest mumber of units, 
> thereby 
>  increasing profit at the expense of consumer safety. As it is, companies 
> bank on 
>  a low recall number and time. >>
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> I hate to get back into this thread, but I think there may be a statute of 
> limitations on these recalls.  The recall is meant to replace parts deemed 
> defective at the time of manufacture.  Now these cars are over 20 years old.  
> Many of the seatbelts are not working properly due to years of 
> mis-use/non-use/lack of proper maintenance, etc.  
> I think that it will be difficult to prove that your belts were defective as 
> of the date of recall, due to the original defect.  Maybe a lawyer out there 
> in list land can look into what the time limit is on recalls.
> Allen Hefner
> '77 Midget
> '92 Mitsubishi Expo LRV Sport

        Actually safty knows no bounds. Servel wich stopped making gas
refrigerators in the 1950's has a recall in progress tht pays $100 dead or
alive for one of their refrigerators. Bernzo-Matic also has a recasll for
small heaters that were made in the 60's. If the product is dangerous it
needs to be recalled. 

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