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Re: seatbelt recall

Subject: Re: seatbelt recall
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Sun, 23 May 1999 21:34:43 EDT
  It's not the same MG that supplied the cars in 1977.   Secondly,  the
belts did not fail because they didn't work, it's because the rewinders
did not release the belts fast enough for the drivers to pull them on in
the manner to which they were accustomed. There does not seem to be an
issue of the belts not holding in a crash.  More info on the specific
recall is in another post I made earlier Sunday night.  
On Sat, 22 May 1999 15:20:10 -0500 Richard D Arnold
<> writes:
>>  Is this in the best interest of getting MG to return to the US 
>What better way for MG to demonstrate good faith than by fulfilling 
>its previous obligations?
>If MG chooses to return, it will be because it can make money -- it 
>doesn't care what we think of it so long as cars are being sold.  When 
>it can no longer sell cars profitably, it will leave.  Obviously, they 
>need us more than we need them.
>And, realistically, what would it cost the company in a lawsuit for a 
>personal injury action, if the injured party had tried but been unable 
>to obtain replacement belts?
>Just my $0.02,
>Rich -- Council Bluffs, Iowa
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