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RE: Group 26 battery

To: "Ross Overcash" <>
Subject: RE: Group 26 battery
From: David Councill <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 1999 20:49:32 -0600
At 06:31 PM 5/21/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Dave received a response from a list member here in MA.  He has a Sears
>Group 26 in his B and he has the Moss Battery box liner.  Says it fits just
>Ross Overcash
>NAMGBR 1172
>Ayer, MA

I can now confirm this also. I opted for the Sears Diehard because I've had
good luck with this type battery in my Landcruiser. It cost more but it
lasts longer and has more cranking amps than the cheaper batteries. (in
fact, the Landcruiser is using a nine year old battery).

It didn't go without a hitch though. The group 26 battery that I removed
from the 67BGT would not fit in the battery box liner due to the lip on the
bottom of the battery. So I knew that the fit wasn't a certainty.

Then at Sears, when I asked for a group 26 battery, the salesman wanted to
know what type of car. So I told him a 71 MGBGT and explained I was
replacing the 6 volt batteries. But I think he was too confused from the
make of the car - he thumbed through his book and then asked, "Is that some
kind of jeep?"

So I brought the old battery and the liner in the store, and explained my
needs. The Sears Group 26 battery slid right in and actually fits better
than the 6 volt batteries. Mainly because the 6 volt batteries sit much
higher in the liner - high enough that I always covered the terminals with
a strip of duct tape becuase I was worried they would short out on the
metal battery case cover.

Now the 71BGT will use the 12 volt battery and I'm putting in the 6 volt HF
batteries I bought last year in the 67BGT. I'll see how they compare next
winter when temps get below zero.

67 BGT
71 BGT
74 Toyota Landcruiser

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