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Re: Purchase From List Member ;(

To: Michael Graziano <>
Subject: Re: Purchase From List Member ;(
From: Susan and John Roper <>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 21:46:42 -0500
Not with a lister, but I have exactly the same problem with a couple who sell
NOS AMCO stuff on eBay.  Suggest that you do as I am doing.  Publicise it so
they can't get to others.  And watch out for John and Linda Peters of
Connecticut who do business from the email address  They took
my money and never sent the merchandise.  The only way we can continue to trade
parts is to make the cheats known.  John Roper

Michael Graziano wrote:

> Hello again.
> On another note,  I have a small problem.  I bought a item for my car from
> an active list member several months ago.  I sent the check on March 29th.
> S/he cashed the check in early April,  After several weeks, and no item, I
> emailed him/her (April 12th).  They emailed with a reasonable excuse, prompt
> delivery promised.
> Several emails back and forth till my last email went unanswered.  Now I'm
> not sure what to do.  S/he seems perfectly apologetic, and nice,  and s/he
> regularly contributes to the list.  But 2 months is a long time for a part
> bought from a list member.  I know of at least one other person who has
> bought something from him/her and not received it yet.  Same time frame....
> Anyone else ever face this?  What did you do?  ANyone else have any
> "pending" parts out there with a similar time frame?
> Sorry to bomb the list with this crap....
> Mike
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