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Re: Purchase From List Member ;(

To: HFC <>
Subject: Re: Purchase From List Member ;(
From: Trevor Boicey <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 02:20:41 -0400
HFC wrote:
> If the problem persists, perhaps a "third party" system could be set up.  Such
> as an escrow account between buyer and seller in a real estate transaction.
> It might be a good idea to set this up before we have a(ny) serious problems.

  I don't think this is a new problem. Time has shown that
misdealings have always been there but they have been the
vast minority.

  However, I do object to the internet de-facto standard of
mailing the cash first, and getting the item second.

  It seems to me this is backwards. Cash is a
wonderful liquid asset, and basically much more
likely to most people than the item it is being
used to buy.

  What is more likely, a scam artist getting
involved in MG parts to get some cash, or to
get a stack of headlights, rims, and lever
shocks without paying?

  Anyways, I think this is the part where I
wax poetic about how long I've been doing this,
and it becomes a pissing contest about who has
been on the net longer, but I digress.

  Suffice it to say that I've been around, and
I've NEVER been screwed by an individual. Twice
I have been screwed by businesses, but never
by a person.

  Based on my own experience, I shall continue to
be pretty darn trusting.

  Like with the tons of spridget parts I am clearing
out on my web site (plug, plug). Some good stuff
still left! (plug, plug) And a Rover V8! (First
bank: plug, plug, plug, plug, second bank: plug,
plug, plug, plug).

Trevor Boicey, P. Eng.
Ottawa, Canada,
ICQ #17432933
"Mmm ... a gumball... how fortutious" - Ajax

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