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WTB: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada

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Subject: WTB: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada
From: Mark and Pamela <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 08:08:43 -0400
Hello again everyone, I havent posted much since i joined a month or so
ago, but have read along with great enthusiasm on all the fun and
frustrations of the MG's.
I finally picked up my 73 B a couple of weeks back, and although it had
not been running, wouldnt start, and hadnt been on the road in 6 years,
inside of two days, it was purring like the dream it was.  Anyway, the
reason for my post is to list a couple of things I would like to
purchase used, from any Canadian (Toronto area) posters out there.
Sorry to my friends in the US, but I just hate dealing with canada
customs.  Anyway, Im looking to buy, and like I say, used, cause right
now I cant afford a heck of a lot, as my wife has been more than
understanding with the little trips to buy this for the car, and the
little trips to buy that for the car.
What Im looking for is:
Soft top, mine has a few tears in it
Tonneau, dont have one at all
Dash cap, we all know why
Fuel Pump, it seems its alwas good to have a spare of these
Alternator, though i may have found one already
Heater fan motor, may get chilly in the fall
Console arm rest thingymabob
Master lock set for doors, boot, glove compartment, the guy i bought it
from couldnt find the key...doh!

Well, happy motoring all....... look forward to seeing you on the
roads...... Ill be the guy with the huge grin on his face after
realizing a dream.............

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