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Re: WTB: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada

To: Mark and Pamela <>
Subject: Re: WTB: Wanted to buy misc parts in Canada
From: Art Pfenninger <>
Date: Tue, 25 May 1999 18:23:25 -0400 (EDT)
Mark have you checked the MG classifieds? They have a seperate section for
Canada and a guy in St Catherines is always selling stuff.

On Tue, 25 May 1999, Mark and Pamela wrote:

> Hello again everyone, I havent posted much since i joined a month or so
> ago, but have read along with great enthusiasm on all the fun and
> frustrations of the MG's.
> I finally picked up my 73 B a couple of weeks back, and although it had
> not been running, wouldnt start, and hadnt been on the road in 6 years,
> inside of two days, it was purring like the dream it was.  Anyway, the
> reason for my post is to list a couple of things I would like to
> purchase used, from any Canadian (Toronto area) posters out there.
> Sorry to my friends in the US, but I just hate dealing with canada
> customs.  Anyway, Im looking to buy, and like I say, used, cause right
> now I cant afford a heck of a lot, as my wife has been more than
> understanding with the little trips to buy this for the car, and the
> little trips to buy that for the car.
> What Im looking for is:
> Soft top, mine has a few tears in it
> Tonneau, dont have one at all
> Dash cap, we all know why
> Fuel Pump, it seems its alwas good to have a spare of these
> Alternator, though i may have found one already
> Heater fan motor, may get chilly in the fall
> Console arm rest thingymabob
> Master lock set for doors, boot, glove compartment, the guy i bought it
> from couldnt find the key...doh!
> Well, happy motoring all....... look forward to seeing you on the
> roads...... Ill be the guy with the huge grin on his face after
> realizing a dream.............
> Mark
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