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Re: Lookalikes

Subject: Re: Lookalikes
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 14:54:52 EDT
I've always thought the new Miata looks like the new Jaguar XK8.  
And what about all the luxury car brands with their "all new" sport utility 
vehicles?  The Lincoln Navigator is just the $40,000 equivalent of the 
$30,000 Ford Expedition (they both look the same when bearing down on me at 
high speeds!), the Cadilac SUV (I forget the name) looks just like a marked 
up Chevy Tahoe/GM Yukon.  

But back to the LBC's...what about the striking similarity (for me at least) 
of the MGB and a Ferrari Dino (I think, the one that has the same light 
tunnels, modified vertical wings, and the four cam V-12! {WOW!}).

Just my (skewed) opinion!
Steve Sanchez

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