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Subject: RE: Lookalikes
From: "Kulka, Matt" <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 1999 13:52:50 -0400
I knew I'd generate some heat with that comment, and I apologize to anyone
who's considering buying an XK8.  After all, I want a Volvo 122, so I can
hardly call the kettle black.

It's just that I always loved the low, lean lines of the XK120 and the XKE.
Even the XJS seems to buy grace for the XJ6 and XJ12 (a.k.a. XJ40 I think).
I'd hope to be excited by a new Jaguar model in the US, but this just
doesn't do it for me.  If it classifies me any better, I haven't seen any
pictures of an MGF that make me excited about the styling either.  It  must
drive really well.

Oh, regarding British Car Week.  Yesterday, I saw a '79 MGB.  We chatted at
the stop light for a few minutes.  He drives his car every day.  So do I.
And that's been all.  Maybe it's a cynical week for me.

Matt Kulka
Huntersville, NC
'74 B

P.S. "Alfa Romeo"

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From: Jason Dutt []

What?!  Okay guys, just becuase most of the new cars look like glorified
Fabrigee Eggs, doesn't mean that a Jag looks like a Taurus.  Remember, the
outside world has a hard time understanding the differences between a
Triumph, an MG, a Fiat, and an Alpha Romeo.

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