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Re: AVGAS to be phased out!

Subject: Re: AVGAS to be phased out!
From: Eric Erickson <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 22:07:03 +0000
Scotty wrote:
> On Saturday, 29 May 1999 Charley wrote
> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>snip<<<<<<<<<<<<
> > I'll bet that "better performance" is just something you've >
> > convinced yourself of 'cause you get high on the smell!!  ;^)
> >>>>>>>>>>>end of snip<<<<<<<<<<
> after the Kimber run last Sunday, Carol and I followed Eric on the 
> home run along some-brisk-driving-roads and it was a
> pleasure to inhale the Avgas-aroma Primrose left in her wake. 8^)  * 
> Just between you me and the other listers, as a driver Eric is 
> somewhat hyperactive,* he is bloody hard to keep up with!! We had a 
> good day.

Scotty et al,

Are you insinuating that I was Driving Under the Influence of AVGAS
fumes?  You would have got more of them sitting behind me like that (I
couldn't shake the old fella).

As for being hyperactive.... well it was getting cold and threatening
rain, I was the only guy with the top down and we had just finished
lunch in one of Australia's premier wine regions, the Barossa Valley. 

When I guy has got to go, a guy has got to get home!

Thanks to all the 'runners' I got this British Car week off to a flying
start with... I await the official numbers but there must have been
around a hundred MGs of all vintages there, including a few MGFs and a
very 'open to the elements' MGK3.

Love that K3... if you want to see a few shots of Philip Bradey's little
blue baby, I have them on my website (from an earlier event) at...

Many thanks to the MGCC of South Australia for the event - which I will
actually participate in next year - a long story!


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