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re:weber manifold

Subject: re:weber manifold
From: Calvin Krug <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 16:21:35 -0600
>I have a 70B with the Weber DGV and Pierce manifold and have the
>opportunity to replace the manifold with a TWM manifold. The TWM has a
>vacuum port and the manifold heater that splices between the heater hose. I
>need a vacuum port and have been unable to find a bushing that fits the
>plug on the Pierce.
>Anybody know if the manifolds performance is similar and would the manifold
>heater aid fuel atomization or is it just a heater for warm-up?

IMHO,I don't think the coolant flowing through the manifold would be of
much help at startup, since the coolant will be cold.  It might prevent
vapor lock by carrying away some of the heat absorbed from the exhaust
manifold, though. I could be wrong.

Calvin Krug

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