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Re: Oh No Not Again

To: "Lawrie Alexander" <>, <>
Subject: Re: Oh No Not Again
From: "Jason Dutt" <>
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 11:24:00 -0400
> So, drive defensively, assume everyone else is an idiot, and don't believe
> that hogwash about noise scaring people into driving sensibly!

Holy cow!  Easy there sarge!  <g>  I live in a little two stop light town in
north-central was not uncommon for kids to drive tractors to
school.  Get the picture?  Anyhow, I said I ALMOST see the logic behind the
obnoxiously loud exhausts on Harleys.  I didn't say I fully agreed with it.
You can't argue the fact that the motorists around you will know you're
there!  It does get their attention...even if it is a hate stare.  Again, I
don't even ride a motorcycle, because I know too many people who are dead
now, or were seriously injured, because of a goof up, or a dog running out
in front of them, or whatever.  Becuase of this, I really don't have a
strong opinion either way.  Hearing a loud bike once in a while with some
big dude in a leather jacket doesn't bother me much....kinda makes me smile
and remember home <g>.

Best Regards,


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