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RE: Runners pushing baby carriages

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Subject: RE: Runners pushing baby carriages
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Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 06:48:47 -0400

I certainly agree that many drivers do out drive their capabilities, I have
been guilty on occasion.  I also agree that here in New England many of our
country roads were originally nothing more than cow paths, that were
enlarged and paved as the automobile was developed. Personally when on these
roads I make every effort to keep my speed down, but they are narrow and
when one rounds a blind curve and here are mom and dad with baby out for a
jog it is scary!!

My overwhelming concern is that it will take an accident involving some
innocent child who had no choice but to be pushed along by a parent who
feels that they have a right to compete for space with cars and trucks on
road that really wasn't designed for foot traffic, to wake people up!!
Unfortunately given the trend towards litigation in our country the driver
will probably be sued too!!

Yes I enjoyed the movie, it was worth a 20 year wait!!

Ross Overcash,74B,NAMGBR 1172
Ayer, MA
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It is probably unwise to do that, but a better question is why is it so

People have a right to walk or run on the road. However, most of the time
they are able to get out of the road for oncoming traffic (I always do when
I'm walking on a rural road, it is just easier and safer than worrrying
about whether the driver sees you). If people are smart, they walk/run
toward traffic, so that they can see someone coming, and get over just in
case. With a stroller it gets a little more difficult.

HOWEVER, and it's a big however, let me pose this question to you...what if
you were to come around the bend and there was a broken down car in the
road, or an equestrian having trouble with a horse, or an old lady crossing
to get to the mailbox? Would you be able to stop?

It is probably unwise to take your kid out in the stroller on a twisty
road, but it is only unwise because motorists often outdrive their ability
to see or stop. Don't get me wrong, I like to drive along back roads as
much as anyone, but we should remember that roads were for feet, both human
and equine, long before they were for cars. And our excise and gas taxes
don't begin to cover the cost of the roads, either. Most town roads are
maintained mostly by property tax money, and I assume this couple live on
that road. Many of these twisties that we love to drive were really not
designed for motor vehicles, and sometimes, in an especially twisty
section, we should treat them as such.

I feel like I've been on the list far too much lately...

I hope you enjoyed the new Star Wars movie, I know I did, annoying Jungans
(sp?) and all.

78 B

>Today I was traveling along my favorite back roads of New England, on my
>to take my 12 year old to see the Star Wars Movie, and as I rounded a bend
>in the road I come upon a young couple running and pushing a baby carriage.
>Now you have to understand this road had no sidewalks nor breakdown lane,
>it is a windy country road.  My question to the list, do people do this
>where you live?  I find it appalling that people will put their children at
>risk like this.  It is one thing for an adult to be foolish, but to take a
>child along, to me is unconscionable.
>Ross Overcash,74B,NAMGBR 1172
>Ayer, MA

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