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Champaign British Auto Fest

Subject: Champaign British Auto Fest
From: Barney Gaylord <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 03:10:34 -0500
Oh, gawd,

I can't believe I'm still awake enough to be (hic) typing at this time of
the morning (2:15 am, 5/15/99).  I seem to remember a funkana around 9 or
10 am where I conned some Alpine driver into (hic) a blindfold for a lap
around the parking lot.  That was (hic) something about changing spark
plugs while wearing welding gloves, transporting water an ounce at a
time, fishing rats out of a shark pond (or was that pulling sharks out of
....).  I have no idea how that event was scored, have to wait for Sunday
for those results I guess.

At any rate, there was a 12:30 cruise for 42 miles through the side roads
of Champaign county, and I was in no mood for a convoy, so I grabbed an
MGA vintage race driver for a navigator, and we struck out immediately
ahead of the rest for a spirited run through the country.  We dusted a
bunch of really sweet blacktop and chiprock roads, including several
miles through a river valley, and returned to the hotel by 1:15.  The
rest of the normal convoy returned a little after 2 pm.  Danged If I know
what took them so long.  (Hee, hee. hee).  At 2:30 we had high tea,
followed by a substanial free break.  I took this opportunity to escort
another couple aroud the cruise route, this time in perhaps a little less
than 40 minutes including a few miles of city speed limits.  Well, he did
want to try out the new side draft carb on his MGB.

At 5:50 we were boarding a bus to a restaraurant for dinner, followed
immediately by thePub Crawl where we hit no less than five night clubs
before returning to the hotel bar for a night cap.  I seem to remember
wenches and pirates, and dancing between a couple of really nice skirts,
and lipstick in strange places, but otherwise I be danged if I remember
where this earing came from.  And there's this Dawn Patrol at 7 am, so
I'm off to never-never land for for  a few hours of z's.

Any questions?  Ask tomorrow.


Barney Gaylord
1958 MGA with an attitude

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