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BCW (long, so stay close to the delete key)

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Subject: BCW (long, so stay close to the delete key)
From: Mike Razor <>
Date: Sun, 30 May 1999 07:54:31 -0400
My BCW story:

Just started a new job as an A.B.C. (state version of Alcohol
and Tobacco) officer on the first of the month and this
curtailed my fun driving.  But, I did exploit every chance I
got to drive one of the MGs, to the store to the movies, or
any errand.  The best drive was to a farewell party for an who
was officer leaving.  The party was being held about 50 miles
from where I live.
I picked up my F.T.O. Field Training Officer) an older officer
who was game to go the distance and he guided me over some of
the nicest back roads central Kentucky has to offer.  We drove
through horse farm after horse farm and  down some roads that
reminded me of my military time in England.    Ended up giving
rides at the party to a bunch of closest brit car lovers.
Even out shined a guy who came on his brand new HOG (
motorcycle not pet).  The Hog owners wife wanted to know if I
would trade my car for his bike, but he was not to keen on the
idea (at least I think she meant the bike).
The weather was just right, not to hot and just a little cool
on the return drive.   The TD performed flawlessly on the way
to and most of the way back (ran a little low on brake fluid
the last ten or so miles).

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