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Re: MGB Leans to the Left

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Subject: Re: MGB Leans to the Left
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Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 15:52:38 -0400
..heere's another repeat question....

amoung the many options to fix the problem,
by far the cheapest is to swap either just the front or just the rear springs
thus leveling some of the sag.'s most often caused by 'single driver' wieght in the car.

I know of others who have loaded bags of top soil into/onto the car 
on the side that's not sagging to bend the springs slightly
this invloves many loads and unloads at you local landscaper supply store
(..if they're tolerant of your bizzarre request...)

Best and safest... if it's simply spring sag... replace the springs.

Paul Tegler
1973 BGT - Daily Driver 
1975 Spitfire -in Cherry Shape  
1980 Spitfire  w/  O/D - in re-hab

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Date: Tuesday, June 08, 1999 4:27 PM
Subject: MGB Leans to the Left

Hi All-

My car leans to the left so I did some research on ListQuest and found two
differing opinions on a leaning MGB.  One viewpoint offered it was from
"years of a single driver" and another said "it must be accident damage or
assembly error".  I'm trying to decide how to attack my own problem and
would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced the same
thing.  A couple of points come to mind:

1. Is it a common problem?
2. Have you owned a car which was in an accident and this occurred?  If so,
how bad was the accident?
3. Has anyone with a GT experienced this (more structure, less prone to flex
over time?)?
4. What has been done to correct (i.e. axle spacers, body work, etc.)?

'72 MGB Roadster

PS Anyone going to the Chico British Car meet on 6/20 who has a good decklid
or front valance for sale?

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