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Re: MGB Leans to the Left

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Subject: Re: MGB Leans to the Left
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 20:57:37 +0100
It's not uncommon, and the, ahem, weight of the driver is a factor.  Don't
forget that when these cars were designed the average Brit was 10 stone (140
lbs) dripping wet.  Other causes have been broken springs/leaves, odd tyres,
or unevenly inflated tyres.  Don't forget that a problem at one corner will
affect the diagonally opposite corner.


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Date: 08 June 1999 20:25
Subject: MGB Leans to the Left

>Hi All-
>My car leans to the left so I did some research on ListQuest and found two
>differing opinions on a leaning MGB.  One viewpoint offered it was from
>"years of a single driver" and another said "it must be accident damage or
>assembly error".  I'm trying to decide how to attack my own problem and
>would be interested in hearing from others who have experienced the same
>thing.  A couple of points come to mind:
>1. Is it a common problem?
>2. Have you owned a car which was in an accident and this occurred?  If so,
>how bad was the accident?
>3. Has anyone with a GT experienced this (more structure, less prone to
>over time?)?
>4. What has been done to correct (i.e. axle spacers, body work, etc.)?
>'72 MGB Roadster
>PS Anyone going to the Chico British Car meet on 6/20 who has a good
>or front valance for sale?

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