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Re: MGB Leans to the Left

Subject: Re: MGB Leans to the Left
From: "Frank Walker" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Jun 1999 14:00:09 -0600
Perhaps the solution is to convert to right hand drive.  -VBG. wrote:

> Hi All-
> My car leans to the left so I did some research on ListQuest and found two
> differing opinions on a leaning MGB.  One viewpoint offered it was from
> "years of a single driver"  . . . would be interested in hearing from others
> who have experienced the same thing.  A couple of points come to mind:
> 4. What has been done to correct (i.e. axle spacers, body work, etc.)?
> Matt
> '72 MGB Roadster


My 74B was a leaner, and, upon inspection it seemed the left rear spring was
flatter than the right. Against some opinions I replaced only the left leaf
spring. Problem solved. (Until it starts to lean again because of many hours
with my sorry carcass in the left seat!)


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