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Re: %*&%*($ Moss!!!!

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Subject: Re: %*&%*($ Moss!!!!
From: "Neil Cotty" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1999 13:48:31 +1000

> The engine in question dropped a valve head and destroyed a cross
> flow alloy head.  The question is "why"?

Tell me it wasn't using any of those Alloy retainers.... if it was how hard
were the springs?  I'm about to fit those retainers in MY motor!

As for paint, I am using a local blend for MGA/MGB and it's excellent. I'm
painting with a primer mixed with prepsol. Then at least 2 top coats to get
the depth. Takes at least 2 weeks to dry, 6 weeks and it is rock hard (I
have plenty of time!). Maybe the Moss enamel requires extended drying times
also - Kelvin? I just figured that was the nature of Enamel.

Also be aware that Hirsch did not even know that the MGA/MGB colour is
different to that of the T Types. I think the paint he sells is for the T
types, and even he couldn't tell me what it was for... So if it's concours
you want, be careful..


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