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Clutch Master/Slave Cylinder Problem

To: <>
Subject: Clutch Master/Slave Cylinder Problem
From: "Robert Berning" <>
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1999 21:42:19 -0700
If I press the clutch in and hold it, it will start engaging and quickly
fully engage the clutch. If I hold down the clutch and lift till it feel
like it the clutch is engaged then press down again, the distance need for
the clutch to engage decreases every time the petal is pushed to the floor.
I would assume the fluid is leaking past the rubber seam, and not holding
the pressure.

I am pretty sure this means my clutch master cylinder is bad. Could it be
something else?

If it is the clutch master cylinder, should I try rebuilding it with a kit
from Moss or just buy a new/rebuilt one from Moss? I would also
change/rebuild the slave cylinder too.

Thank you,
Robert Berning

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